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In my mind, eternal darkness
Seemed like it was true (True, true, true)
Oh so wretched, wretched, wretched, wretched
My savior knew I was weary (I was lost)
I was sleepy but you held me through
Carried me along the sand your footsteps gold and good

When I am let down by other human beings, when I am disenchanted I am really not. Because, as soon as this is to happen, I am embraced by the loving spirit, and reminded of my inner peace. Even when alone, I feel kissed by a Goddess. 

“ I am the original fragrance of the earth. I am the taste in water. I am the heat in fire and the sound in space. I am the light of the sun and moon and the life of all that lives. ”

—    Lord Krishna, Bhagavad Gita (via ladyjungle)

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“ The secret of attraction is to love yourself. Attractive people judge neither themselves nor others. They are open to gestures of love. They think about love and express love in every action. They know that love is not a mere sentiment, but the ultimate truth at the heart of the Universe. ”

—    Deepak Chopra (via stardust-seedling)

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Featured Curator: Ali // ctrl-glitch

Vince McKelvie is a 28 year old digital artist from the United States. Inspired by boredom during his youth, Vince began creating and perfecting GIF art, and has since become one of the internet’s most iconic animated artists. He has created a number of trippy and visually stimulating mini-sites, like Gradient Forest and Honey. He also regularly posts hypnotic GIFs on his blog and surreal mixed-media video clips on his Instagram.

Some of Vince’s favorite artists are Joe Hamilton, Borna Sammak, and Sean Raspet.

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