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"Abhinava Gupta speaks of Shiva as the "Mother and Father" of the cosmos and as the universal agent. It is Shiva who ( or which) is the seed of the multidimensional universe, giving rise to all other ontological categories.But there is no duality in SHiva, because he is still completely immersed in blissful union with Shakti"

I used  to look in your eyes every night and see flashes of a million stars. I used to hold you tight in my bed and feel your heart against mine. Laying in the grass or under the starry sky, I knew I was in love. Now all those memories have just seemed to vanish. Now I am just another figure among many. I tell you my  fears, and you carry them out, taking my heart with you .  There is another way. By God, there is another way. 

The song that transformed my world and introduced me to the power of love and synchronicity. 

Royksopp - Running to the Sea ( Pachanga Remix _) 

hey brother long time no talk! Hope all is well! I have a question, hopefully you can help can you tell me anything about if I will move to hawaii this year?

A question by aeternuslibertas

Yes, I can try to help. Why is it you want to move there? What is there that is not where you already are? I am well. Hope you are doing well also. Peace.